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Eastern Africa


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Relay has been operating in Eastern Africa since 2005, with Panos Eastern Africa (PEA) leading activities in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Southern Sudan.

Relay in Eastern Africa pioneered the candid ‘Icebreaker’ workshops, which gives journalists and researchers an opportunity to air the frustrations of trying to work with one another, and exploring the potential benefits of collaboration.

“Relay works to break down the lack of trust that exists between researchers and journalists which is one of the major obstacles to communicating research through the media, and tends to be more acute in Africa,” says Joel Okao, Media Advisor at Panos Eastern Africa.

Relay in Eastern Africa also published a ‘Media Handbook for Development Researchers’, a guide for researchers to engage with the media, including case studies and practical tips for giving interviews and writing press releases and opinion pieces.

Relay has worked on issues relevant to the region including tax and governance, economic growth and poverty reduction, sexual and reproductive health and land rights.

Farmer Abra Rejani in his barley field, Ethiopia. The financial crisis has been felt by people in the developing world through falling demand for commodities, and rising food and fuel prices/Crispin Hughes - Panos Pictures

Eastern Africa projects

Reporting tax: strengthening media capacity in Kenya and Uganda

Relay is implementing a programme to work with editors, journalists and researchers to improve reporting of research on tax and governance issues in the media in Kenya and Uganda.

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Inclusive growth? Linking research and the media in Kenya and Tanzania

Relay is working to build links between policy research bodies and the media, to strengthen media coverage and debate around issues of economic growth and poverty reduction In Kenya and Tanzania. The project, which is supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), runs from July 2009-September 2011

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The East Africa Tax and Governance Network EATGN (Kenya)

The purpose of the EATGN is to promote new and sustained multi-stakeholder dialogue and media debate in Kenya and across East Africa on governance and taxation issues informed by research and inclusive of a wide variety of voices with links to national, regional and international research and civil society networks.

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Listen to our needs: Improving sexual and reproductive health reporting in Kenya

Panos Eastern Africa, Panos London and the African Population and Health Resource Center (APHRC), supported by the Wellcome Trust, implemented a project to assess media coverage of sexual and reproductive health issues in Kenya.

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