Reporting Research

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These publications offer information on RELAY's approach to communicate research.

Reporting health research

Posted in: Learning & Impact

This case study shares recommendations and details the lessons learned during a communications project to improve media reporting on tuberculosis (TB) in Zambia.

Reporting tax research

Posted in: Learning & Impact

This case study describes some of the methods and activities developed by Relay and how they were applied in Kenya to the issue of tax and governance. It offers a detailed and descriptive account of Relay’s series of workshop sessions, in particular.

Research makes the news: Strengthening media engagement with research to influence policy

Posted in: Learning & Impact

Research into development issues is not an end in itself. If knowledge created by researchers is shared and debated publicly, it is more likely to be adopted by policymakers and practitioners. Too many research reports sit on library shelves gathering dust. Today there is growing recognition of the importance of research uptake.