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Getting into the kitchen: Media strategies for research


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In the words of a South African researcher, the media can help in linking research to policy processes by “getting you into the kitchen, being part of the soup-making”.

This guide explores the linkages between policy, research and media. It considers some of the dilemmas faced, and the options and approaches available when a research programme, institute or researcher is constructing a media strategy. It lays out some of the main steps in developing a strategy. This paper is complemented by Working with the media: A guide for researchers, which includes practical guidance and tips for engagement with the media.

In this paper the term ‘policy’ includes policy formulation, implementation and evaluation and is not restricted to that of government but includes international organisations, bilateral agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the private sector and others. The media is taken to include community, local, national and international forms of radio, print, television and online services.

The guide is divided up into four sections:

  • Linking research, policy and publics
  • The media environment
  • The media and research communication
  • Conclusion



Newsreader on a TV station in Somaliland. Stuart Freedman - Panos Pictures

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