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Eastern Africa

East Africa refers to the easterly region of the African continent. The countries include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia (also known as the Horn of Africa) are included in the description. Panos East Africa's Relay is currently working in Kenya and Uganda.

Engaging media on tax research in Kenya and Uganda

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This case study describes a project carried out by Panos Eastern Africa in 2011 as part of the Relay Programme, to strengthen media capacity to improve reporting on tax and governance in Kenya and Uganda

UDN works with the media to report research – video

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Walter Akwat, Communications Officer at the Uganda Debt Network (UDN) talks about his collaboration with journalists and explains how Relay programme has helped his research organisation appreciate the role of the media and improve their communications strategy

An advocate for research stories – video

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Rahma Hassan, Research Assistant for the Relay Programme in Kenya tells a story of Luke Anami and how the fellowship programme improved his reporting skills.

‘People become more empowered’ – an interview with Luke Anami

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Luke Anami, Relay’s journalist fellow, speaks about the importance of transparent information on public spending. Luke cooperates closely with the East Africa Tax and Governance Network (EATGN) to support his stories with research findings.

Promoting Research Communication – Panos Eastern Africa’s experience

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This paper focuses on the critical role of the media in communicating research information, using the experience of Panos Eastern Africa as a case study.