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Notice: This website is online only as an archive & a resource, as Panos London is no longer active.

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The East Africa Tax and Governance Network EATGN (Kenya)

The East Africa Tax and Governance Network (EATGN) emerged out of a Relay workshop held in November 2009 with support from CommGAP in Naivasha, Kenya to ‘increase stakeholder engagement and public debate on tax and governance in Kenya.’ A network steering committee was created thereafter comprising of civil society and research players with a presence in the region.  Namely, Tax Justice Network-Africa, Panos Eastern Africa, Panos London, Society for International Development, Centre for Governance & Development/National Taxpayers Association, Institute of Economic Affairs, and Action Aid International Kenya.

The purpose of the EATGN is to promote new and sustained multi-stakeholder dialogue and media debate in Kenya and across East Africa on governance and taxation issues informed by research and inclusive of a wide variety of voices with links to national, regional and international research and civil society networks.

The objectives for the network are as follows:

  • To support and formalise linkages between media, civil society and research organisations with an interest in tax and governance issues
  • To provide contacts, sources, analysis and credible, high quality information on tax and governance issues
  • To increase the quality and frequency of media reporting on tax and governance issues
  • To increase communication between research organisations and other actors in society – media civil society, policy-makers and wider publics – ensuring that research agendas are relevant to publics and research findings are accessible to non-specialist audiences
  • To provide spaces and platforms for genuinely inclusive dialogue around key tax and governance issues for the region – both online and face to face
  • To expand the network across countries in the East African Community (EAC)

The EATGN is involved in the current DFID-funded project on tax and governance in Kenya, an acts as an advisory group.

The move towards providing free primary school education in Kenya can be directly linked to improved revenue collection by the government. The Relay workshop aimed to improve media coverage of the links between tax and governance/Betty Press - Panos Pictures