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‘The fellowship is actually continuing’ – Nayan’s story

Arup Jyoti Das, Relay Programme Manager and Wahida Rohman, Programme Associate from Panos South Asia talk about Nayan Jyoti Buyan – Relay fellow passionate about dams and development issues.

Nayan is a staff reporter at Asomiya Pratidin, the largest circulated Assamese daily in Northeast India. Thanks to Relay’s fellowship programme, Nayan not only improved his reporting skills but has become more aware and curious about the social and environmental effects of the mega-dams construction. He continued reporting on those issues beyond the fellowship programme, receiving a number of positive responses from the readers.

Nayan’s articles has also managed to inform a wider debate: He also received the information that the interpretations presented in his articles were discussed in the review meeting of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) and after that they invited him to visit the project site – says Wahida.

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