Reporting Research

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How-to guides

These guides offer practical advice and tips to support the media to use research as a source for their stories and for researchers to engage with the media to communicate their research.

A journalist’s guide to reporting research findings

Posted in: Practical Resources

This guide provides practical tips and guidance for journalists and editors interested in publishing stories based on development research findings.

Media Handbook for Development Researchers

Posted in: Practical Resources

Relay developed this guide to show development researchers in Eastern Africa how to communicate their findings to and through the media.

Working with the media: A guide for researchers

Posted in: Practical Resources

This guide has been designed to support strategic thinking on media engagement and to address researchers’ need to act autonomously.

Getting into the kitchen: Media strategies for research

Posted in: Practical Resources

In the words of a South African researcher, the media can help in linking research to policy processes by “getting you into the kitchen, being part of the soup-making”.

Reporting research: using evidence for effective journalism

Posted in: Practical Resources

Researchers around the world investigate vital issues relevant to everyday life and yet the findings are largely confined to the academic community. This guide provides evidence and guidance on the importance of reporting research.