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Relay’s blog shares news and guidance from our partners and the wider communicating research community.

‘Academic spring’ all year round

Wellcome Trust and the World Bank show their support for the Open Access initiative.

Read Relay’s new case studies!

Read the case studies from Relay projects in Northeast India and Eastern Africa, sharing results, approaches and learning on research reporting.

‘Dammed’ communities?

Large dams are being built to meet the energy and water needs. But if dams are to offer development opportunities for all, emphasis needs to be on benefit sharing, especially with local communities.

What makes a good tax story? – video

It is not very often an article on taxation is described as ‘heart-wrenching’. Yet our journalist fellow from Uganda, Alon Mwesigwa, managed to spark an online debate.

International Day of Action for Rivers

Today, March 14th marks the 15th Anniversary of the International Day of Action for Rivers and Against Dams