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The Relay approach

Relay works in developing countries to provide information, broker relationships between journalists and researchers, and build the skills of research organisations and the media.

We equip journalists to draw on the knowledge and skills of researchers when reporting on development issues. And we support researchers to engage with the media to help research findings contribute to public knowledge and policy debates.

Relay is coordinated by Panos London and implemented in partnership with Panos Network institutes, including Panos Eastern Africa and Panos South Asia.  We also form partnerships with research consortia.

Our package of tools and activities includes:

Practical resources – ‘how to’ guides and briefings for journalists and researchers including summaries of relevant research findings, topic briefings and advice on handling common problems in communicating research in the media

Media scans – in-country analysis of how the media in a selected country reports research findings, identifying weaknesses  in coverage and opportunities for collaboration

Multi-stakeholder forums – bringing together editors, journalists, researchers, and civil society actors to discuss constraints and opportunities for improved reporting of research

Training workshops – using interactive methods to build the skills and researchers and journalists and strengthen relationships between them

Fellowships for journalists – including editorial mentoring and ‘pairing’ with researchers to produce in-depth stories informed by research and the voices and views of those most affected

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