Reporting Research

Notice: This website is online only as an archive & a resource, as Panos London is no longer active.

For more information on the active Panos network and what Panos London achieved visit

Work with us

We are keen to share what we have learned with our research, media, and communication peers and partners.

What we offer:

  • How to guides and media briefings as resource material for training workshops
  • Case studies and reports to contribute to discussion about what works and what results can be expected in different country contexts
  • Advice and insights on new projects and interventions based on our experience

Partner with Relay:

  • Relay is available to develop new partnerships to adapt and use Relay’s approaches for specific contexts and needs
  • We can also provide expertise to develop communication and media engagement strategies and tailored programmes of interventions for research programmes and networks such as DFID-funded Research Programme Consortia (PRCs)