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“I have learnt [about] many issues that I was unaware of earlier and also got a chance to become familiar with new researchers.  The fellowship really inspired me to know about dams, to read more, to study more, and to publish it as news articles too” – Dhanabanta Loukrakpam, staff reporter at Poknapham Daily in Manipur, Northeast India and Relay Fellow

“We think we can improve our networking with the media.  [The Relay programme] has opened an opportunity for us as researchers to work with one another, share our experiences, and, as a priority, to do more joint activities” – Walter Akwat, Communication Officer, Uganda Debt Network, participant in Relay training for researchers and the media

These testimonies have been documented and highlighted by our regional partners in recently published case studies which aim to share results, approaches and learning from the Relay projects in Northeast India and Eastern Africa.

Relay has worked in Northeast India to strengthen media capacity to report research on the controversial, and often polarised, issue of dams and development, while our project in Kenya and Uganda was designed to promote reporting on tax and governance research findings, foster relationships between researchers and journalists, and strengthen multi-stakeholder networks.

The case study on Reporting research on dams and development describes Relay’s strategies to address existing research communication gaps in Northeast India, and the programme’s successes and challenges. The report also highlights the value of journalist engaging with research that sheds light on the social and environmental impacts of mega dams, and speaking to those most affected.

The Engaging media on tax research in Kenya and Uganda case study illustrates Relay’s strategies implemented to foster relationships and encourage knowledge-sharing between researchers, journalists and a wider group of stakeholders including civil society groups. The report highlights results of Relay’s interventions such as media coverage that makes links between taxation, service delivery and governance.

Both case studies provide a set of recommendations for other organisations interested in using or adapting Relay’s approaches.

The reports represent work-in-progress.  Comments and feedback are encouraged!

Stakeholder forum organised by Relay programme held in Nairobi, April 2011 / photograph - courtesy of Panos Eastern Africa

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