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‘I have come to appreciate the role of researchers’ – Kenya Roundtable begins!

A Roundtable Dialogue organised by the Relay team in Kenya has just kicked off and will continue throughout the day!

Researchers, journalists, editors, civil society organisations and other important stakeholders have been brought together to discuss the issues of tax and governance and inform a wider debate. During the event we will be sharing our experience and learning from the programme with this multi-stakeholder forum.

Reporting live from the event, here’s what some of the participants have to say about Relay’s work:

Fred Aminga, Reporter:

“When I was at Kenya Today, I used to do mainly news or opinion pieces and had no experience doing the features. I used to write stories based on common sense and had no research backing.

“I rarely quoted any researchers. It was around this time when I was struggling to do features that I was lucky to participate in the Relay fellowship programme and meet John Mutua, a researcher at the Institute of Economic Affairs and got a very interesting story backed with research on the budget process.

“I have since increased my networks, made personal contacts and this has made my life in writing very easy and fulfilling. These links and networks are one great change and benefit that I have got from the Relay programme.

“I have come to appreciate the role of researchers and appreciate the initiative by Relay to bring us together and this has improved my skills as a journalist. Relay has made me a better journalist and thanks to my great stories, Reuters invited me to join them for more training.

“Relay has been a great step in shaping my career as a journalist.”

Fred is a business writer and columnist at Kenya Today. He is also one of the journalist fellows. As a part of the fellowship programme Fred published two articles:

  • Finance minister issues tough guidelines to stabilise shilling.  Kenya Today.  17 October 2011
  • Proposed Isiolo resort set out to change livelihoods.  Kenya Today.  24 October 2011

Wainainah Kiganya, Editor:

“The Relay process has made me appreciate professionalism and the reciprocal role of researchers and journalists.

“This has made me learn that the two groups need each other and, as a participant in all the Relay activities, I have initially observed researchers with very bad attitudes towards journalists who have since changed and befriended journalists.

“Through Relay I have made more contacts and through skill-building trainings I have learnt a lot about taxation that I have never viewed that way in my many years of media work.

“I have come to appreciate the role of researchers and their unique work, which journalists need to understand [in order to] work with them in bringing out the stories in the best way possible.

“For journalists, Relay has brought out their role and made researchers understand their tight work schedules and how best they can communicate their work.

“I appreciate the initiative to work with a closed group that I call the ‘liberated journalists’. This group has benefitted and will continue reaping from the skills for years. The role of editors is crucial and bringing them on board is paramount for change.

“What I have learnt from Relay is that we as media people have to read and be informed to be able to earn respect from our sources.”

Wainainah Kiganya is an editor at Kenya Today



Relay's fellowship programme brought together researchers and journalists to improve media coverage on tax and governance issues. Here: Fred Aminga, Relay's journalist fellow from Kenya

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