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Notice: This website is online only as an archive & a resource, as Panos London is no longer active.

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The Conversation: We need to talk!

Created in March 2011 The Conversation is an online research communication platform with a central mission of ‘unlocking university expertise’.

Over 2,400 academic authors are working together with a team of editors to make their knowledge accessible to all.

From their mission statement:

‘The Conversation is an independent source of information, analysis and commentary from the university and research sector – written by acknowledged experts and delivered directly to the public’

The Conversation is based in Melbourne, Australia, but has a truly global outreach and covers a range of topics from health and medicine to politics and society.

Let’s all take part in the Conversation!

Research project workers collecting information on slum dwellers by filling out questionnaires. - Peter Barker / Panos Pictures

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