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‘We have shared our stories, learning and experiences’ – Wahida Rohman

Wahida Rohman, Relay Programme Associate from Panos South Asia shares her experiences from the Relay team meeting that was held last week in Istanbul:


The Relay Team meeting in Istanbul was a nice experience for me and I have learned a lot from the meeting in the most enjoyable manner. This was my first team meeting and this has turned out to be very fruitful.

When I left Northeast India for Istanbul, I carried a lot of hope and expectation for the meeting. My prime expectation was to learn a lot from the other team members of the Relay programme, particularly from Rahma and Maureen who have been doing similar work in Africa to me.  They are implementing the Tax and Governance project in Uganda and Kenya and I was excited to know how they have been doing their work. I also hoped to find out what were the challenges they had faced in their region while implementing the project. Along with that I also wanted to share our learning from the Dams and Development project with other members of Relay team.  I expected that our sharing of knowledge with each other will pave a way for future course of Relay.

Now when I look back at the meeting, I am extremely happy that all my expectations have been fulfilled. We have shared our stories, learning and experiences. Our friends from Africa have liked our Dams and Development fellowship programme very much. They are also happy to know the results of our media content analysis.

At the same time I was keen to know their experiences. Particularly interesting were cases like Luke Anami, in which PEA managed to connect him with researchers and to convince him to use research as a source of media reporting.

We also discussed various problems and challenges of the current programme and through the Theory of Change we paved a new way forward and have come up with lots of exciting recommendations for the coming phases of Relay. Thanks to PEA sharing the Tax and Governance project experience, now we are looking forward to work on this theme in our region too.


Relay’s team meeting aimed to share and capture learning and results from the 2010-12 phase of the programme.

Maureen Ndahura (PEA) working on Relay's Theory of Change.

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