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Best Reporting on Dams and Development Award

Panos South Asia’s Relay programme invited print journalists from Northeast India to submit articles to be considered for its Best Reporting on Dams and Development Award.

The award has been organised as a part of Relay programme aiming to encourage quality media coverage of important social and economic issues. The current project focuses on the critical issue of dams and development. The articles submitted for an award should be based on field studies and supported by research findings.

In 2011, Panos South Asia ran a fellowship programme on Dams and Development, where six journalists were selected to report research on Dams and Development. The present Best Reporting on Dams and Development Award aims to encourage those journalists who have achieved excellence in reporting research on dams and development outside of the Relay fellowship programme.

Northeast India fellows will enter a separate competition in which a journalist will be recognised who showed the strongest commitment to the issue of dams and development and continued reporting research beyond the fellowship programme.

Both awards will be presented at the Roundtable seminar bringing together journalists, civil society representatives and policy makers to discuss the social, economic and environmental consequences of the mega-dam construction.

The Roundtables will be held in Guwahati the week of March 12th. More information to follow!

Lower Subansiri hydroelectric power, India. Tania Ghosh/Panos London

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