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Reflections from the Relay team meeting – Rahma Hassan

Relay team is working hard to exchange, document and share their experiences during the team meeting in Istanbul.

Here, Rahma Hassan, Relay Programme Research Assistant from Panos East Africa shares her reflections:


“Istanbul! The environment of this beautiful city literally in the middle of most continents makes this meeting in my view very phenomenal. My hopes for this team meeting are to share experiences from Kenya and learn from other projects from other institutes. I hope that this will be a reflective session that brings out the real successes and learning points from our work. Learning and unlearning has been key in this phase of the Relay project and sharing all the information that individual countries have been working on will be important to ensure the same is shared out to other users.

“Learning about the dam project in North East India and the important role of media and research on topical issues speak to me about the need to have more of our work in various forms. I hope that this phase of Relay acts as a bedrock of clear documentation and process change that we can share with others!”

Relay team at the meeting in Istanbul

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