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Reflections from the Relay team meeting – Maureen Ndahura

The Relay team meeting has officially started, with its first day proving to be both productive and highly stimulating for all the participants! Our colleague from Panos East Africa shares her insights after sharing experiences with Panos South Asia staff:


Maureen Ndahura, Research Assistant for Relay in Uganda:

“A serene and beautiful environment in Istanbul enabled the east to meet west both in regard to the continents, cultures and now with the Relay project staff. The approach and impact of the project relayed by Arup and Wahida from Northeast India highlighted how despite the tremendous effort and resistance by the people to build dams that will not only adversely affect the environment but also displace the livelihoods of the people in Northeast India has been largely resisted by the government.

It is as clear as it is bright on a cold winter day that the people’s voice is yet to be listened to. Despite all odds the community pledges to fight on and Panos’ opening up a platform for the media through creative and critical write-ups by journalists and utilisation of research has concretized the people’s voice and aroused debate.

As the dam issue and its effect continue to be debated in Northeast India, Uganda too needs to rethink, research and understand the impact on dam building on River Nile. More importantly the local people need to understand key aspects of the effect of dam building in order to embrace or not such a change. We do need energy, whilst the bigger picture of sustainable energy sources should be explored and embraced. Is there more that can be done before dam building and its impact is rendered irreversible? Should anything be done at all? A question that remains unanswered.”


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Relay is holding a team meeting in Istanbul to share and capture learning and results from the 2010-12 phase of the programme.

Maureen Ndahura (PEA), Wahida Rohman (PSA) and Joel Okao (PEA) are working together on Relay's Theory of Change

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