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Relay team is meeting to share and discuss experiences from the programme

Relay is holding a team meeting the week of February 20th, bringing together staff from Kenya, Uganda, India and the UK. Our international team will meet in a true ‘world city’ and the only metropolis situated on two continents – Istanbul – to share and capture learning and results from the 2010-12 phase of the programme.

The three day meeting will include presentations, group exercises and interactive sessions, and plenty of discussion and debate. The team will review achievements and challenges and assess monitoring and evaluation approaches and tools, and the quality and relevance of the evidence produced.

The group will also discuss a Relay ‘Theory of Change’ and case studies of two current projects on communicating research on tax and governance in Eastern Africa and dams and development in Northeast India.

Video interviews with staff will capture personal reflections on the programme and more formal assessment.

This phase of Relay has focused on documenting approaches, lessons learned and reflection and the team meeting will lead to a number of new outputs on our website, so watch this space!


Men read newspapers in Mylapore, one of the few remaining traditional areas of Chennai / Atul Loke - Panos Pictures

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