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The word is spreading about the EATGN – video

Development Initiatives website – – published two case studies introducing the work of our fellow journalist Luke Anami and the East Africa Tax and Governance Network (EATGN). AidInfo works on issues closely related to the EATGN. They aim to accelerate poverty reduction by advocating good governance and making aid more transparent.

The EATGN brings together researchers, civil society and the media. Its mission is to increase stakeholder engagement and public debate on tax and governance in Kenya. Information on tax and public spending disseminated in a transparent and accessible way can have a tremendously positive impact:

“People become more empowered, people become more knowledgeable, they know what is good for them and in the process they improve their living standards” – says Luke Anami, a reporter for the Standard, Kenya.

The EATGN emerged out of a Relay workshop held in November 2009 with support from CommGAP in Naivasha, Kenya.

Information on tax and public spending can be empowering. Here members of the Ulusi Youth Group, which is supported by ActionAid, wear ActionAid stickers saying 'Bollocks to Poverty'. - Sven Torfinn / Panos Pictures

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