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Media competition for African journalists: Young People, Farming & Food

The Future Agricultures Consortium and the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) of the University of Ghana have announced a media competition for young African journalists.

The competition is organised as a part of international conference on the future of agrifood sector in Africa: “Young People, Farming and Food” taking place in Accra, Ghana on the 19–21 March, 2012.

The competition, open to all media professionals, aims to encourage journalists to investigate the “challenges and opportunities associated with young people’s engagement in agriculture”.

Both printed and audio entries are invited. The deadline for submission is 17 February 2012.


People water young cedrela odorata and grevillea robusta trees at a tree planting project financed by Danida in the village of Utosi, Tanzania. - Mikkel Ostergaard/ Panos Pictures

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