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New blog on communicating research

rcinitiatives is an initiative to communicate research to the society with the firm belief that “meaningful research leads to a meaningful society if communicated”.  Panos South Asia’s (PSA) Relay team set up this initiative with the aim of communicating research by disseminating through The basic idea is to free research from the academic cage and to make it accessible to those who are interested in using it and know how to browse internet. PSA Relay’s initial study shows that research institutes, as well as researchers don’t have any policy to communicate research to the public domain as well as to the policy makers. Only a few numbers of PhD theses come out as publications, which hardly reach society. Most of the time theses remain in the academic sphere rather than a contribution to the society. So this site will be a place to communicate research.

If you have anything published or unpunished (research paper/ articles) specific to the northeast India region which you want to disseminate through, please send those to Arup Joyti Das at Comments and feedback will also be gratefully received.


Computer operator Amar Singh Verma checks online crop prices at an internet cafe in the agricultural village of Siradi., India - Ami Vitale/Panos Pictures

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