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Tax conference in Nairobi August 2011

A conference on tax justice in Kenya will be held on the 23rd  August 2011. The National Conference on Tax Justice is organised by the East  Africa Tax and Governance network (EATGN). The conference aims to create  awareness on tax justice issues to inform civil society organisations and the  media to enhance understanding, ownership and social action.

A scoping study by Action Aid International Kenya in 2010 found  that Kenya is a global player and has attracted foreign direct investment by offering tax incentives such as tax holidays that can be 25 years as well as  tax exemptions. As Kenya has low tax compliance, the country has a high tax gap. This means a gap between tax paid and tax owed. Moreover, the study describes the cries of the ‘common man’ in Kenya feeling ‘heavily taxed’ whilst certain corporations and individuals enjoy concessions, holidays and tax exemptions.

So the conference aims to feed into the EATGN’s broader goal of promoting new and sustained dialogue and media debate in Kenya and the East Africa region on governance and taxation issues, informed by research and  include voices from all sectors of society.

For more information on the EATGN click here.

A man on his lunch break reading 'The Nation' newspaper on the roof of the Serena Hotel, with the skyline of the Central Business District in the background, Nairobi, Kenya - Sven Torfinn /Panos Pictures

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