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Science reporting workshop in Eastern Africa

A Better Science Reporting workshop, organised by WRENmedia, will be held this October, 10-14th, in Nairobi, Kenya. It is open to print and radio journalists from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania.

The workshop will focus on unpacking complex science and  agriculture issues and reporting them in an accessible way. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with scientists, farmers and others working in agricultural science and  development. Advice and coaching from experienced journalists will also be available.

WRENmedia, the producer of Agfax and New Agriculturist online journal, offers  training and ongoing mentoring to radio and print journalists in Africa, to  support their professional development in this field. Better Science Reporting workshops are held approximately twice a year, in different locations across the continent.

A journalist who took part in a previous workshop said, “The course was such a huge eye opener to me. In the course I learnt to strategize, which is what I have been missing… immediately after the training, my managing editor requested me to train  the other staff in our agency on what I learnt at the workshop.”

Places for this workshop fill up fast so if you are interested apply  soon! An application form can be  downloaded here as a word  document or a pdf  document. The deadline for applications is August 14th 2011. For more information, email:

Interview with local health official/Rob Cousins - Panos Pictures

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