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Handbook to help researchers maximise uptake

The London School of Economics has published a handbook on how researchers can ensure their work achieves maximum visibility and influence among academic and external audiences.

For the past year a team of academics based at LSE, the University of Leeds and Imperial College have been working on a ‘Research Impacts’ project aimed at developing precise methods for measuring and evaluating the impact of research in the public sphere.

The handbook is divided into two sections: “Part A: Maximising Academic impacts of Research” and “Part B: Maximising research impacts beyond the academy”. The handbook provides detailed information on what constitutes good practice in improving the impact of social science research. It also surveys a wide range of new developments,  tools and techniques to help make sense of a rapidly changing field.

For more information and a pdf of the handbook click here.

The new academic building at the London School of Economics, United Kingdom - Aubrey Wade/Panos Pictures

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